Welcome to RMF360

RMF provide an integrated commercial kitchen and restaurant design and installation service for contract caterers and their clients, providing reliably excellent implementation from first concepts to completion.

Understanding your business, your brand and your customers is essential, and is fundamental to every project we undertake. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients, asking the right questions, then preparing effective proposals that enable both back and front of house to deliver an all-round customer experience that exceeds all expectations.

We understand the multi-faceted demands of your business: conceiving the right plans for your footprint, the optimal kitchen equipment, the most appropriate front of house finishes, the seating that complements both your customer profile and your surroundings, all while considering brand integration.

To achieve all this we’ve developed a full turnkey service that goes beyond the norms of our competitors. Nor is our role over when the last piece of equipment is neatly slotted into position or the last chair placed under the table. We go further by producing considered and carefully specified brand signage, installing the final touches that complete the overall look and feel of the finished restaurant. We also design and produce marketing materials as and when requested, ensuring every promotion or presence falls within strict brand guidelines.

The result – a one stop, single source, 360 degree operation, fully costed, planned, and managed through every stage of the process. By your side until your first customer’s order arrives on a plate.